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LeadPages Conversions

The most important thing you can ever learn as an internet marketer is how to convert traffic into leads and eventually sales. In order to do that it's critical that you can create landing pages that will get visitors into your sale funnel in the first place!

Over the years we've mastered a system that produces high converting landing pages like these using a simple two step formula that works in ANY niche!

Can you imagine how stoked you would be to see conversions like that? What about you're clients? You bet they would be excited.

Virtually ANY Business would see a MASSIVE INCREASE in Sales with those type of conversions and wouldn't even blink when you charged them $1k and up for your services!

"Especially When You Can Drive Sales Like This..."
jvzoo aff
"It's like Having the 'Big Brand' Power at Your Finger Tips Even if You're a One Man Show..."
Top Internet Marketers, Agencies and Major Brands all use THE SAME FORMULA's to Drive Sales Daily...
One you start to learn the core formulas and principles behind creating great marketing campaigns that convert you begin to realize nobody is really re-inventing the wheel here. In fact the best marketers and smartest companies consistently leverage a proven set of systems that produce powerful results over and over! What they don't tell mention is that YOU can use these tactics to sell virtually ANY product or service if you just understand how to formulas work!
It wasn't always so easy to Land High Ticket Clients, Drive Leads & Convert Sales that Create Monthly Recurring Profits for Years to Come...

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself, Robert Dickson & Steve Rosenbaum...

Look we get it, making a living with local marketing, digital marketing, affiliate's not as easy as some would like to make it seem.

We'll be the first ones to admit it wasn't always this easy to land clients, convert sales for them and collect consistent recurring income...

Creator Name

In fact we'd all been at this for years when we finally stumbled upon a better way to generate consistent profits with internet marketing.

All three of us from scratch with nothing more than some basic knowledge and ambition just like you.

I started my client business from my grandmothers Kitchen table. Robert Started his from his parents basement. Steve started over in his fifties after 30 years in the corporate world ended unexpectedly.

Between the three of us we have a combined 35 years of experience landing and servicing clients, selling digital products, creating high converting sales funnels and driving targeted traffic.

We understand how "the game" works. We built our client bases and online brands from scratch and these days we work together on a variety of projects.

In the beginning we ALL experienced the same struggles that nearly ever marketer goes through when trying to get a client business off the ground.

And we all learned the same lesson the hard way...

"Without the Ability to Convert You will Struggle to Generate Consistent Traffic, Leads and Sales No Matter How Amazing Your Product or Service Is..."

When I first started internet marketing so that I never had to work for anybody else again, I failed for almost two years solid.

I literally tried everything from affiliate marketing to relationship blogging, twitter marketing, article name it I failed at it.

It wasn't until I turned to local marketing that I begin to find success but the same problem continued to plague me. While I wasn't great at actually I converting sales I was decent at doing "stuff" online like web design and SEO.

The problem was even when I built a nice site and got it ranked it still struggled to make sales. I can remember losing one of my best clients early on because I simply couldn't convert their ads into a positive ROI.

Even when I first started creating digital products I struggled mightily to convey my message and convert sales. It wasn't until I had a chance meeting with a top selling affiliate that I learned what was missing....actually having good sales copy!

This guy told me that my products weren't bad but I needed a real copywriter before anybody would take me serious and recommend a talked to this guy who could help.

I reached out to that guy, setup a meeting and asked him about helping me with my sales copy. My jaw almost dropped when he quoted me $500 just for a review, then said he's not really available but a sales letter would cost me around $10k. What?!?!

That's when the light bulb really went off...

The reason people would pay this guy $10k for a sales letter is it's producing far more in return. That's how those guys were crushing it while I was struggling to create any kind of consistent income.

The problem was I was flat broke, living off the GI Bill and didn't have the $500 for a review, let alone $10k for the sales page.

So I did what so many other people do, thinking I'm a decent writer I said screw it I'll do it myself. Big mistake.

"It's Easy to just "Wing it" then Wonder Why Your Funnels Aren't Converting, but that's a Classic Mistake that Leads to Consistent Failure..."

At first I tried over and over to write my own copy, create my own offers, design my own sales funnels and it was a massive uphill battle. Everything I produced seemed to flop and no matter what I did for my clients I couldn't seem to get them a good return.

Being the stubborn SOB that I am...I continued to research, learn and reach out to people I thought could help me.

Eventually I started seeing a tiny little bit of traction. One ebook I put out sold a little bit. Then another one a little more but it was barely producing the kind of return I was looking for.

I finally started to figure things out when I got invited to a real life event with successful marketers by this guy who found me on the warrior forum searching for answers.

That event happened to be in my home town so I went to see what's up. That was the first of MANY light bulbs that would go off by putting myself in the room with people way smarter than me over the next years to come.

In fact Steve Rosenbaum, co-creator of this product is was one of the key people who showed me the ropes of conversions and the secret sauce that seemed to make everything I did a success.

During those events I started to learn the true principles and formulas for creating successful ads, landing pages, sales funnels, digital products and selling high ticket services.

With each and every product I sold I began to see more and more success. Clients were attracting to me, I was getting asked to speak at events...the results were pretty amazing and it happened pretty fast.

Once I found my way to the otherside so to speak, it was easy to see that all the top marketers, major agnecies and brands were using the same formulas! Ever since I've dedicated myself to learning everything I could about's the KEY that unlocks everything for you as a marketer.

Fast forward several years and these tactics have produced 100's of winning sales pages, videos, webinars and high ticket clients for Steve, Robert and myself.

These formula's and principles flat out work no matter what you are selling but you have to use know what they are and you have to actually implement them.

And that's what most marketers are a completely overlooking...

"Failing to Use Great Copy & Proven Principles in Your Marketing is Like Making Spaghetti without the Sauce..." many marketers leave out these key ingredients!

Look I get it...there isn't some magic roadmap that tells you how to be successful.

And certainly most marketers that sell you systems for making money want you to think that you can be successful without experience, knowledge, etc. That's just flat out not true!

Take a look at any successful marketer (including the ones selling you the next best system) and you'll see that they are all implementing great sales copy, sharply designed videos and sales funnels to maximize their profits!

Even once somebody is kind enough to let you know how important great sales copy, proven funnel designs and marketing principles are it's easy to still not implment these strategies!

Maybe you don't have the money to pay somebody else. Maybe you just don't have enough knowledge to even start. Maybe your ego gets in the way and you think you can do it all...instead of learning from others experience and saving time.

Or maybe you're simply afraid of writing and sales copy in general.

Whatever your reasons for not implementing the most important ingredient to successful marketing you are leaving money on the table.

We're math guys and that's what truly did it for us. Maybe it will for you too because the bottom line is...

"The Math Behind Conversions is Pretty Simple..."

Once you understand how important great copy is to you and your clients bottom lines, it's easy to make it a major priority!

Just take a look at a simple example of a common sales funnel...

Paid Advertising Drives 1,000 Clicks to Your Landing Page that's Converting at 25%

From there you send them to a Sales Page That's Converting at 10% for a $20 offer with a One Time offer for $50 Converting at 25%.

That would mean from those 1,000 clicks you would get 250 leads. From those leads you would make 25 sales of your main offer and 2 sales of your one time offer for $600 profit.

Let's say you increase the landing page to 50%, the sales page to 20% and the one time offer to 50% by using better sales copy.

Now those same 1,000 clicks turn into 500 leads. From those leads you would make 100 sales of your main offer and 50! sales of your one time offer for a total profit of $4,500...!!!

Even if you paid $1,000 for the sales copy that's still a $2,900 difference in profit...well worth it! The same concept works for email marketing, affiliate marketing, website traffic...the list goes on!

"That's Why Great Copy is Critical to Your Success, it's the KEY to Generating a Positive ROI for all Your Campaigns..."

As you can see the ability to create winning offers, high converting sales funnels and ultimately generate massive profits is one of the most valueable skills you can learn.

What's great is once you learn these skills, principles and proven formulas they literally translate to any business at any time!

This allows you to work with only the best types of clients in niches you want to be in and it makes closing deals easier than you would ever think...your results will do the talking for you!

Plus you can charge top dollar for your time as a consultant when you have proven systems for helping your clients their traffic, leads, sales and overall return from their marketing.

Even if you don't write copy yourself understanding how these concepts work and how to apply them to your business is crucial. You can easily hire a writer to do the heavy lifting and mark up their services.

The bottom line is conversions are king and the thing that will make or break any campaign you run. The math simply cannot be ignored if you want to succeed at internet marketing.

"Once You know the Formulas for Generating Consistent Conversions, Successful Campaigns become Plug-n-Play, Rinse & Repeat Simple..."

The ability to convert consistently puts you in complete control and allows you to select opportunities that are going to make you the most money with the least effort on a regular basis.

It also eliminates the fear of writing that bogs down so many people before they get started. When you know that all you have to do is follow a proven formula and you are going to get the results there is nothing to worry about!

Knowing you can effectively market any business gives you a level of confidence that attracts clients to you and makes it easy to close deals like never before.

Not only that but when you explain to clients how these concepts work and how you are going to use them to blow up their business they are going to see you a massive expert.

Even better though, they are going to think you are some kind of ROCKSTAR when they see the results this type of marketing brings in to their business!

The power to drive leads, crush sales and dominate any niche cannot be taken lightly. It's the key to blowing up any business online, it opens doors, creates leverage and most importantly it's the #1 thing that will help you break through!

"The Problem is it Can Take Years of Trial and Error, Testing and Failure to Learn the Ropes of Creating Great Copy and Sales Funnels..."

Between Steve, Robert and myself we have over 35 years of combined marketing experience.

We've written produced hundreds of winning campaigns for ourselves and our clients in a wide variety of niches. We've been through the struggles just like you, spend the thousands of hours learning, connecting and traveling to figure this thing out.

Over the years we've fine tuned and tested our conversions strategies to the hilt. We've used the same formulas over and over to create successful campaigns...we know what works AND what doesn't.

Along the way we've also taught our system to thousands of students who have seen success with it and that's why we decided to make it available to you for a limited time. We want to see you crush it like we know you can with great copy!

Don't you think if you had the proven formulas, principles, conversion tactics and sales copy systems that the top marketers use daily that you could finally break through and generate consistent profits online?

Of course you can! And now it's possible to do quicker and easier than ever before...

Introducing the Fast Track...
"Our Battle Tested System for Breaking Down ANY Niche, Create a Winning Offer and High Converting Sales Funnel..."

Effective Market Research - In this section you'll learn the keys to effectively breaking down ANY market you enter so that you can create a winning strategy that will blow your clients away!

How to Properly Position Your Offer so that you connect with your ideal customer, stand our from your competition and make taking action (buying) a total no-brainer.

How to Create a KILLER Hook that captures your prospects attention in an instant and encourages them to keep reading. Use our simple three step formula for creating a winning hook every time!

How to Create a Value Proposition that makes your offer an amazing deal your prospects can't resist no matter that price! Follow our simple 10x rule to make sure it's a mind blowing deal every time!

How to Create Urgency, Excitement & Curiosity throughout your sales copy that get your prospects to take action. These three emotions action igniters work amazing for getting conversions when used the way we teach you!

How to Create a Commanding Call to Action that pushes your prospects off the fence and gets them to take immediate action on your offer! Follow this simple blueprint for dominate CTA's on all your offers!

The Irresistible Offer that will your prospects will not be able to say no to. We'll show you how to craft your offers in a way that your prospects will feel like you've been reading their mind and know exactly what they want!

How to Design a High Converting Sales Funnel that will convert leads to buyers and then maximize profits for you and your clients. This blueprint works for almost any niche and has proven to convert like hot cakes!

Outsource Sales Copy if you don't want to or have the time to write it. We'll show you how to find the best writers for good prices that you can mark up to your clients easily for additional hidden profits.

**Software Case Study*** You'll get to see this whole system in action including the reasons behind the offer, copy and even the conversion stats for the actual sales page!

With this training you get a proven Step-by-Step blueprint for breaking down ANY market, creating an irresistable offer and high converting sales funnel for producing Maximum Profits! You also get access to our secret vault of conversion tips & tricks that we've developed in our 60+ years of combined marketing experience!
Plus You Get Exclusive Access to Our Closely Guarded Sales Conversions Secrets...

Email Automation Secrets - Discover Steve's high converting, "Endless" automated funnel Secrets. These automated funnel secrets will help you maximize profits for all your offers in a just a few simple steps.

Email Sequence Secrets - One of the keys to getting the most out of your marketing is using email sequences based on customer behavior . These secrets help you differentiate sequence types and learn which one is best for each situation.

Email Message Secrets that will help your emails stand out from the crowd, get people to open and most importantly click through to your offers. With literally millions of emails sent over the years, we've picked up a few tricks to help you out!

Sneaky Mind Control Hack that you really have to use with caution. This clever tactic will give you power over your prospects and have them taking action without even realizing they've been "hacked".

The Power of Story Telling that the big brands use to engage, connect and convert sales. Discover the most powerful story telling formulas and how to leverage them to make your copy hit home.

NLP Persuasion Hacks that will take your copy to the next level. Use these subtle language hacks to trigger your prospects thoughts and get them to take action.

Ride the Emotional Roller Coaster How to take your reader on a ride that always leads to making the sale. This strategy works for ANY niche and is a key driver of conversions!

The "So What" Trick This clever little copywriting trick helps you nail down benefits that matter most to your reader and ultimately they will purchase your product or service to achieve.

Unique Selling Proposition - This lesson will show you how to create a USP that is so powerful you're prospects will have no choice but to choose you over their competitors!

Quick Copy Clean Up The site we use to quickly clean up our copy! This cool little site will quickly become any copywriters best friend!

This system combined with these hidden conversion tactics will give you everything you need to dominate ANY market you enter! The best part is you can apply this to any product or service because the the formulas and principles work for any industry you are marketing!
Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales in ANY Niche...
It's also the Secret to Crushing Local Marketing...

When it comes to marketing a local business so man owners just "wing it" based on what they think will work. That gives you a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE when using proven techniques like the ones in this training.

By implementing proven strategies with digital marketing technology you will help your clients CRUSH their competition, leaving them wondering what the hell just happened to them.

Using these strategies for a local business is kind of like being able to play pro baseball with an aluminum will literally hit it out of the park over and over again. That's they power of this system applied to ANY local business.

Everything that is included When You Buy Today...
Sales Copy Crash Course

This core training contains 13 step-by-step videos that break down our entire system for creating a high converting sales funnel and irresistible offer for ANY business! Follow along sequencially or simply jump to the sections you need help with!
Steve's Conversion Tips & Tricks

In this section you'll learn Steve Rosenbaum's best tips and tricks for increasing conversions, creating magnetic offers and marketing messages that will have your prospects dying to take action! Use these in combination with the main system for maximum effect!
Documents, Tools & Resources

To make it as easy as possible for you to implement this system for your and your clients we've included all the necessary resources, tools and documents that we use in our businesses. You'll have everything you need to put this into action immediately!
Private Members Area and Support

All of your training materials, documents and resources are hosted in a private members area with 24/7/365 access. Not only that but we pride ourselves on providing prompt support for any of your questions, needs or technical issues. We've got you covered!

With the Secet Copy Hacks training you get our complete system for consistently generating high converting sales funnels, winning offers and a positive ROI on your marketing campaigns!

Not only that but you also get our best conversion tips, tricks and tactics that have been tested for years and proven to make your copy sizzle on another level.

These principles, formula and tactics have taken us years to fine tune but you get to take the fast track at a major discount for a limited time.

We could easily sell this training for $1,000 and it would still be a steal for that price. Right now you can get it for a fraction of that during this exclusive launch special offer.

Get Instant Access to Secret Copy Hacks Plus Exclusive Bonuses for just...

Price Will Increase in Exactly...

Plus We've Included Some Killer Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage...

We're not just going to hand you this system and leave you to figure things out on your own. To make sure you have everything you need to be successful we've included several bonuses you are going to love!

In addition to the main Secret Copy Hacks training course we've also included resources to help you navigate the process, workbooks, checklists, questionnaires and even live training to show you how to build recurring income!

Bonus #1 - Market Research Checklist ($37 Value)

One of the keys to this system is effectively researching the market/niche you or your clients are in to create a strategy that will be effective.

Over the years we've identified all the key aspects you need to research and take note of including things like ideal customers, competition, positioning and more.

This research checklist will be super useful when breaking down your market because it will ensure you aren't missing anything that will be critical to your promotion.

Bonus #2 - Sales Funnel Blueprint ($67 Value)

Once you break down your market, customer and create a viable offer you need to create a sales funnel that is going to maximzie your clients leads!

This template and complimentary training gives you a great system for creating a sales funnel that will convert like crazy!

All you have to do is simply follow the training and use this blueprint when designing your sales funnels to give your clients the best possible ROI.

Bonus #3 - Client Intake Questionnaire ($47 Value)

Whether you are writing the sales copy yourself or outsourcing it you need to be able to get the critical information from your clients to create the offer!

This client intake questionnaire will give you a professional appearance and at the same time help you collect all the information your copywriter will need to successfully create your sales copy.

Easily customize this template with your own questions if you like, add your own branding and use as needed!

And Now for the Icing on the Cake We've Included a Few More Bonuses you are going to love...
On top of all of those bonuses which are designed to help you better implement the core system, we've included several additional bonuses to help you take your marketing to the next stratosphere!
Tell Your Story Planner mockup
Bonus #4 - Steve's "Tell Your Story, Build Your Brand" Workbook ($27 Value)

Story telling is one of the best ways to engage your prospects on a personal level while getting your message across in the process.

For many weaving and telling a story that fits their product can be a huge challenge which is why we're giving you this Workbook!

This WorkBook will make it plug and play easy to create a story that you can use to captivate, connect and close your prospects!

Bonus #5 - Unique Selling Position Worksheet ($27 Value)

You've probably heard the term elevator pitch before and people have probably told you that it's important to have one down. You want to be able to clearly tell prospects what you do, how it works and benefits them in 30 seconds or less.

This Workbook was designed to help you create an elevator pitch that will have prospects immediately interested in your services without ever sounding cheesy or salesy.

USP Worksheet
Hypnotic Fear
Bonus #6 - Hypnotic Persuasion: FEAR ($19 Value)

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Bonus #7 - Emotional Word Matrix & Word Wheel ($37 Value)

Tapping into a prospects emotions with your sales copy and marketing is crucial to getting them to take action on your offer.

Since we know it can be confusing to understand when and how to use emotion in your sales copy we've included this Matrix and WordWheel to make things easy for you.

These will help you understand what emotions to tap into and most importantly what words to use that will have people jumping at your offerings!

webinar bonus
Bonus #8 - Live Case Study Workshop - Recurring Revenue Secrets Revealed ($197 Value)

During this exclusive bonus training we are going to show you how to build a sustainable six figure recurring income from local clients.

We are also going to show you three case studies of how this system resulted in major paydays for years to come, all in different markets with different lead gen methods and services sold.

In this live workshop, we're going to lay it all out for you...screenshots and case studies that show exactly how it's done so you can copy-and-paste this directly into your business.

With the Secet Copy Hacks training you get our complete system for consistently generating high converting sales funnels, winning offers and a positive ROI on your marketing campaigns!

Not only that but you also get our best conversion tips, tricks and tactics that have been tested for years and proven to make your copy sizzle on another level.

These principles, formula and tactics have taken us years to fine tune but you get to take the fast track at a major discount for a limited time.

We could easily sell this training for $1,000 and it would still be a steal for that price. Right now you can get it for a fraction of that during this exclusive launch special offer.

Plus to give you everything you need to succeed we've included a massive bonus package that's worth the price of this offer on it's own!

By combining the core training, conversion hacks with the resources, workbooks and live training you'll have everything need to convert like crazy for any business every single time!

Get Instant Access to Your Product Name Plus Exclusive Bonuses for just...
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Price Will Increase in Exactly...

"We've Been Helping Marketers just Like You Increase Traffic, Leads and Sales for Years..."
Just take a look at what our students have to say...
We're Opening Up the Vault to Our Best Conversion Tactics at a Steep Discount for a Limited Time!

Secret Copy Hacks ($97 Value)

Market Research Checklist ($37 Value)

Sales Funnel Blueprint ($37 Value)

Client Intake Questionnaire ($47 Value)

Tell Your Story, Build Your Brand Workbook ($27 Value)

Elevator Speech Workbook ($27 Value)

Hypnotic Persuasion: FEAR ($19 Value)

Emotional Word Matrix & Word Wheel ($37 Value)

Live Case Study Workshop - Recurring Revenue Secrets Revealed ($67 Value)

Total Value = $395.00

Don't pass up your chance to start seeing results like the ones on this page in your business. We've done all the heavy lifting for you and saved you years of testing in the process.

Plug our proven system, conversion strategies and resources into your business immediately and watch the results poor in.

This formulas are the key to increasing your profits in ANY niche for ANY business. We should be selling this package for WAY more but because we want to see you successful you can grab it at a steep discount for a limited time.

Get Instant Access to The Secret Copy Hacks System Including Our Resources, Tools and Exclusive Bonuses for a fraction of what it will sell for soon...

Price Will Increase in Exactly...

See you on the inside!

Neil Macpherson


Robert Dickson


Steve Rosenbaum


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