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By following the steps laid out in the core sales copy training along with the hacks & tips Steve provides you'll be armed with everything you need to create an amazing sales funnel and message.

However sometimes having all the ammo in the world doesn't do you any good until you step up and start actually creating your sales copy. Even the best copywriters will tell you that the hardest part is getting started!

Over the years the three of us have experienced this many times and to make things easier we created a set of idea generators and sales letter snippets that work to "jumpstart" your sales copy.

We understand that writing the actual copy can be the hardest part even for the most talented marketers and that's why we put together this collection, to give you the same advantage that we use in our business!

Don't you think if you had hundreds of snippets and ideas to work with that creating great copy would be a whole lot easier?

Of course it would!

It doesn't matter if you are writing ads, emails, sales pages, webinars or blog posts, these copy igniters will give you the perfect starting point to create killer copy every time.

Forget about staring at a blank page all day, grab this private collection and start producing amazing copy from the moment your fingers hit the keyboard!

Here is What's Included When You Upgrade...

101 Writing Idea Generators: You’ll never be at a loss for words again. Over 100 brainstorming ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Perfect for writing a salesletter, article, report or book, blog post, or anything else!

Call to Action: 27 Super Sneaky Conversion Triggers: From creating scarcity to tapping into emotion, each of these triggers is sure to help you boost your conversion rate! These 27 hot buttons get your prospects to take action and buy from you.

52 Unique Blog Post Starters: This incredible resource gives you 52 unique types of blog posts. Instantly add variety and spice to your blog so your readers can't wait for your next post! PLUS, it can easily be used for ideas for article writing, small reports and other content as well.

50 Blog Posts Titles: Proven fill-in-the-blank templates to quickly generate dozens of compelling titles for your blog posts! You will never have to struggle with what to write about again!

Super Starters: 20 Opening Paragraphs: Whether you’re writing blog posts, articles, reports, ebooks or even video scripts, you can model your opening paragraph or introduction after one of these 20 openers. Never stare at a blank document again trying to find ideas!

Clever Closers: 20 Closing Paragraphs: The end of any content piece is your chance to recap your most important points and encourage your reader to take action. Discover 20 powerful ways to close your articles, blog posts, reports and other content pieces!

Plus these Super Useful Sales Letter Snippets...

20 Prehead Templates: Surprise your readers, tap into their hidden desires, arouse their curiosity and much more. These pre-headline templates set the hook so you can start reeling in your prospects!

30 Headline Templates: Grab your prospects attention and with these hard-hitting! These proven headline templates will win sales for any product or service.

20 Posthead Templates: Eliminate objections, create curiosity and urgency around your offer and much more!

20 Sales Letter Openers: These electric templates grab your reader by the lapels and thrust them into your sales letters! Huge variety for telling stories, empathizing with prospects, making the prospect feel special and other surefire ways to engage your readers and keep their eyeballs on your letter.

15 Offer Introduction Templates: Share a secret discovery, establish your credibility, prove your case or even spike your prospect’s curiosity! These beautiful templates transition you effortlessly and smoothly into the offer.

15 Proof Ideas: Proven ways to melt your skeptics’ resistance and get them urgently hitting your “buy now” button!

50 Bullet Point Templates: Turn lukewarm prospects into hot buyers that need to get their hands on your offer now! These powerful bullet points arouse curiosity, share benefits, and hit all of your prospects’ hot buttons with ease!

15 Guarantee Templates: Reverse the risk and watch your conversion rate soar! Includes the most alluring guarantees like hybrid guarantees, exceptionally compelling guarantees and much more.

15 P.S. Templates: Your postscript is one of the most-read parts of your entire letter – and that means your P.S. can literally make or break your offer’s success! That’s why you’ll love using these surefire templates that close the sale by reminding prospects of the benefits, offering a special bonus, and much more!

15 Subheadline Templates: A "Skimmer's Delight"! These magical subheads capture the attention of even the laziest and most distracted reader and moves them to the Buy Button.

As you can see there are literally hundreds of idea generators and snippets for you to use as you see fit! Even if just one of these tips helped increase your conversions by a few percent and made you some additional sales this offer would pay for itself. However we know that you'll find these useful for years to come in every project you create!
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Bonus #1 - Group Coaching ($297 Value)

During this live coaching call we'll cover all the key strategies from the core training and answer any questions about how to apply this system, these snippets and ideas to your business!

You'll learn the tips and tricks Neil uses to create sales copy fast that consistently converts and get priceless advice from Steve on how to take your sales copy the next level with sneaky conversion tactics.

Bonus #2 - Local Copy Cash Ebook ($47 Value)

Often Local Business owners they are skeptical of paying for sales copy simply because they don't understand the value or the need.

This ebook will give you a step by step formula for educating business owners on the value of sales copy in a language they can understand...more money. Use this system to charge local clients top dollar for your sales copy even if it's outsourced!


By combining this toolbox with hundreds of snippets and idea generators with the core training you'll be armed with everything you need to produce high converting sales copy even if you're brand new.

Time is money as they say and you don't have time to waste staring at a blank page. Grab this massive collection copy igniters and save yourself the trouble of wondering where to start.

It's taken many hours of headaches over the years to create this collection which now makes it easy to get started. Normally we wouldn't make this available for less than $497 but right now you can get access to the entire collection for a fraction of that!

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