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One of the things so many marketers don't realize is the importance of the look, feel and style of the actual marketing pages they are using the sell their products.

Creating a great sales page is more than just sales copy! Think about any quality sales page you've seen and you'll find high quality images, a great sales video and styling that draws the reader down the page to the buy button.

Even if you pick up the latest and greatest page builder with 1,000 templates that doesn't really help you if you don't know how to properly utilize them to get conversions!

Over the years we've fine tuned templates for every type of marketing page we use to sell products and services. It almost makes me laugh when people compliment the pages because they have no clue it's a template I created years ago :)

These templates have been kept close to the vest for years, in fact they've NEVER been sold and have only been used internally until now.

Because we want to see you be successful with our training and we know how critical good marketing pages are we've decided to make these available to you for a limited time.

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Sales Page Template ($197 Value)

This sales page template is responsible for over $500k in Digital Sales! It's designed to work seamlessly with the core system and includes detailed instructions on customization.
One Time Offer Template - ($197 Value)

In order to maximize your profits per lead you need to create additional offers in your funnel. This template works for any upsell/downsell you want to offer related to your core product or service.
JV/Affiliate Page Template

It's likely there will come a time when you need to recruit affiliates to promote your offer for a commission. There is an art to this type of page and this template is proven to attract powerful affiliates!
Product Launch Checklist

Launching your own product can be extremely rewarding but also overwhelming if you don't have clear direction. This checklist will keep you on track to maximizing sales for all your launches!
Webinar Registration Page

in this Module you'll learn the simple system we've been using for years to get up to 80% conversions on our registration pages. You'll also learn the exact tools and steps to creating them easily.
Webinar Presentation Template

This template is responsible for multiple six figure webinars and has proven to convert high ticket sales like crazy! Use this to land clients, selling products or even close high ticket deals!
Webinar Replay Template

While fairly simplistic by design there is also an art to creating a webinar replay page that will get users to stick and ultimately buy. This template makes creating these pages super simple.
Video Sales Letter Template

Yet another "template" that's responsible for multiple six figures in sales. This script is easy to use and proven to convert in any niche for almost any type of marketing funnel you can think of!
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